We understand that visiting somewhere new can be a bit nerve-racking.... we'd like to help you learn more about what happens when you visit us.


Where and when do you meet?

We meet at 4pm on Sundays at Waimairi Primary School. You’ll find us at the end of Tillmans Ave, Strowan. Our service runs for one hour. You are also welcome to join us for a hot drink before the service from 3:45pm 


I'm not a Christian - am I welcome?

Absolutely! Our doors are open to everyone, as we believe that the good news of Jesus is for everyone. We'd love to help you to explore this good news, and to put your faith in Jesus. Our church service is a great place for you to do this.


What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable joining us for a weekend service. Please just come as you are - church is about the people you're with, not the clothes you're wearing.


Where do I sit?

You are welcome to sit anywhere. There's no reserved or VIP seating, so as long as no one else is sitting on the seat, you're welcome to sit there!


What happens during the service?

Each week the order may change, but there are some common parts to all of our church services. There is a time of singing (you can listen to some of the songs we sing on Spotify). We hear the Bible read and preached (the sermon is a talk lasting for no more than 30 minutes). Someone leads the church in a time of prayer to God.


This might be unfamiliar to you and that's ok - you're welcome to just listen in, and nothing is expected of you - see the next point!


What participation is required?

We want you to feel welcome to come and listen in, without fear of being asked to do anything you're uncomfortable with. You can leave whenever you like too. We encourage you to introduce yourself to us - we'd love to meet you.


Are children welcome?

Absolutely - church is for people of all ages and stages. Kids Programme takes place during our service. There is also a small room available if mothers wish to use it to feed their babies. Kids and adults join us at the start of the service, and then the children go to Kids programme (which we call “Salt”) about 20 minutes in. At Salt, children are well cared for by trained leaders, who have received child protection training. You are of course welcome to sit in during Salt and watch what happens.



The church has wheelchair access and facilities. 


More details

If you would like to know more about who we are and what it looks like to be involved here, feel free to send us a message.