Governance, Accountability & Responsibility

Church by the Tracks exists under a Charitable Trust Deed and operates through the Trust Rules. Alongside the leadership and spiritual direction of the Senior Pastor, our church operates under the guidance of our Oversight Group (Elders), Administration Team, and Board of Reference.

Oversight Group (Elders)

The Oversight Group is a team of three elders, appointed by the Senior Pastor. Like our Senior Pastor, our elders are men who demonstrate maturity of Christian faith and character, in line with biblical principles found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The elders interact with the Senior Pastor on ministry and doctrinal issues, and (when necessary) consult with the Board of Reference on the appointment of the Senior Pastor. Together with the Senior Pastor, the elders are responsible for helping to ensure that all our ministries take place in line with our Mission and our Statement of Belief.

Trustees & Administration Team

The Church is served by an Administration Team, made up of the Senior Pastor, the Church’s Trustees, and 2-6 others elected by the whole church. The Admin Team is responsible for property, finance and legal matters, including reviewing and managing the Church’s budget. A Trust Board, comprised of the two Trustees, manages the Church by the Tracks Trust.

Board of Reference

As a church, we look primarily to the Senior Pastor, the elders, and the members of the church to provide accountability and spiritual direction for one another, and for the church as a whole. However, as an independent church, we also believe there is wisdom in seeking support and occasional direction from Christian leaders outside our own fellowship. To that end, an external Board of Reference exists to offer wisdom and support to the Oversight Group on issues of doctrine, and on some issues around employment of the Senior Pastor. The Board is comprised of 3-5 respected Christian leaders, known for their maturity of faith and Christian character. The Board members are not active members of Church by the Tracks, but agree with the Church’s Statement of Belief and agree to support the Mission of our Church.